Ultrasonic Testing Services

Ultrasonic testing is a non-destructive testing method that utilizes sound waves to detect any discontinuities in parts and materials. This type of NDT testing can also be used to determine a material’s thickness. Steel Industries offers ultrasonic testing services to a variety of industries and applications including Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Manufacturing & Industrial, Nuclear, Defense, and more.

Ultrasonic Inspection Methods

Parts can be evaluated using either contact or immersion ultrasonic testing. The test requirements will determine which inspection method will be used. Immersion testing requires the part to be submerged in a liquid that conducts the sound beam between the probe and test material. The contact method utilizes an ultrasonic test probe that emits sound waves as it is run over the surface of the part.

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Common Ultrasonic Testing Findings

  • Shrinkage Cracks
  • Stringers
  • Laminations/Seams
  • Hydrogen Flakes
  • Burst, Porosity, and Gas Holes
  • Incomplete Fusion/Penetration
  • & More

No matter the industry, component failure is not an option. Get peace of mind by trusting the forging & testing experts at Steel Industries. Ultrasonic Testing is only one of the many inspection and testing options we offer. View our full list of non-destructive testing capabilities and contact us to discuss your inspection and testing needs.

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