Certified Forged Hub Supplier

Heated forged hubForged hubs are utilized in a wide range of critical manufacturing and industrial applications. When component failure isn’t an option and there is no room for error, you can trust in Steel Industries forged hubs. Our certified forging company produces high quality components to meet client specifications, resulting in a durable, reliable product.

Advantages of Forged Hubs

We utilize an open-die forging process to produced forged hubs that offer greater strength & fatigue resistance, improved micro-structure, and continuous grain flow. This forging process reduces material waste and machining time, which results in cost savings and quick turnarounds.

Used in a variety of transportation, manufacturing, and industrial applications.  Hubs can be forged in a variety of grades including carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, titanium and more to meet your specs.


Forged Hub Capabilities

Our capabilities will depend upon the type of material grade used. As a rough estimate, our forging company can manufacture hubs up to 70″ outside diameter and 18,000lbs. For specifics, please give our team a call at 877-783-3599 or fill out our form to get a quote.

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