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When it comes to purchasing hubs and spindles, product integrity is everything. These forged pieces are an integral part of a variety of industrial equipment. Part failure is not an option. Steel Industries produces forged spindles of the highest-quality, to meet or exceed stringent industry standards.  Ready to get a longer life out of your forged spindles? Give us a call.

Advantages of Forged Spindles

If you have had porosity or surface quality issues with your cast spindles, it is time to switch a forging. Our open die forging process results in improved strength, ductility, and resistance to impact and fatigue. This means you can not only meet stringent industry requirements, but also enjoy a longer life out of our forged hubs. The result is less machine downtime and increased cost savings. We also offer several value-added options including testing and inspection, heat treating, and machining.

Forged Spindles Capabilities

Our capabilities will depend upon the type of material grade used. As a rough estimate, our forging company can manufacture spindles with a maximum outer diameter of 70″ and up to 25,000lbs. For specifics, please give our team a call at 877-783-3599 or fill out our form to get a quote.

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