Nickel Based Alloy Forgings to Withstand Harsh Environments

Producing quality nickel based alloy forging takes the high level of experience and craftsmanship our crew at Steel Industries bring to all our products. Whether it’s open die forging or rolled rings, we create some of the highest quality nickel based forgings in the industry.

Advantages of Forged Nickel Based Alloys

Nickel alloys are used for forgings that need to have the strength to perform in extremely high temperatures, grit to endure harsh environments, and durability to be wear-resistant when exposed to corrosive materials. Nickel based alloy forgings crafted at Steel Industries are used in everything from jet engines to oil rigs, power generation applications, chemical plants, and the transportation industry. Here’s why our forgings are in such high demand:

  • High Flow Stress: Nickel alloys used for our nickel forgings hold a high-flow stress even at elevated temperature. This material is so strong that it’s even difficult to move during the forging process.
  • Oustanding Durability: Because nickel alloy forgings use nickel as a balancing metal, they can be alloyed with iron, molybdenum, and chromium. These materials are all on the high end of the corrosion scale, have high resistance properties, and perform well under severe conditions.
  • Forging Advantages: Nickel based alloy forgings are much stronger and more durable than traditional methods of fabrication such as machining from nickel bar or cutting from nickel plate. There’s no comparison in the quality and dependability of forging over fabrication.
  • Wide Range of Applications: The strength and durability of nickel based alloy forgings make them the ideal material for  valves, pumps, pipes, turbines, processing equipment, and marine assemblies. Our clients range from industry leaders in aerospace to nuclear power generation.

Nickel Based Alloy Inventory

Steel Industries offers forged components and products in a variety of nickel based grades. Please contact us for more details about our current nickel based alloy inventory.

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Steel Industries produces high-quality nickel based alloy forgings and backs them up with superior customer service and fast turnaround times. We also offer several value-added options including machiningheat treating, and testing & inspection. Give us a call at 877-783-3599 or request a quote today!

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