Aerospace Industry Forging A Bright Future

When Orville Wright took the first powered aircraft flight back in 1903, he traveled about 120 feet. On the last flight of the day, Wilbur Wright flew 852 feet. The aerospace industry has been evolving almost as quickly ever since.

Steel Industries has worked closely with aerospace manufacturers for decades and we’ve seen plenty of revolutionary changes in forging technology and aircraft design. Our company provides cutting-edge integrated forging and machining solutions for a wide range of aerospace manufacturing applications. We are geared-up and motivated to meet the rapid growth that’s forecast for this industry sector.

Aerospace Manufacturing Expected to Skyrocket

 According to a recent report from The Insight Partners, the global aerospace forging market is expected to grow at an annual rate of 7.5 percent between 2019-2027. By 2027, the market is predicted to be worth nearly $8 billion.

The passenger and cargo sectors of the aerospace industry are currently gaining momentum. In May 2020, Airbus completed a $1 billion expansion of its A220 commercial aircraft final assembly line in Mobile, Alabama. The 270,000 square-foot facility houses five assembly stations where airframe component assemblies come together to create a completed aircraft. Airbus expects to boost production numbers significantly as it produces A220 aircraft for JetBlue.

High Standards for Next-Generation Forged Aerospace Parts

Steel Industries is a certified aerospace forging company that offers a wide spectrum of products for aerospace manufacturers. From stainless steel and aluminum to high nickel alloys, we can forge, machine and heat treat a variety of aerospace-friendly materials to meet the exacting standards of the aerospace industry.

We specialize in crafting forged products and parts for:

  • Nacelles: We manufacture aluminum rolled ring products for the commercial aircraft industry for nacelle construction. A nacelle is a housing, separate from the fuselage, that holds engines, fuel, or equipment on an aircraft. Since 2018 we have produced 2,000 rings to support the top OEM engine programs.
  • General Aircraft: Forged plates and bars to supply the commercial aircraft industry. We supply downstream fabricators with a variety of connectors, bracketry, and structural support components. We’ve produced over 3 million pounds of alloy steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and titanium plate and bar since 2018.
  • Rockets: We are a leading supplier of components for next-generation space vehicles. This includes various forms of forged rings, discs, and engineered shapes in steel, aluminum, and titanium for current-generation rocket launch systems and launch vehicles.

How Steel Industries Makes the Grade

 As the aerospace industry surges forward, Steel Industries is well-positioned to meet the demand for lighter, stronger, more heat-resistant materials and forged parts. We have the capability to work with new alloys and test them to ensure they pass rigorous third-party inspections.

Aerospace metals we work with:

  • Aluminum (6061, 7050, 7075, 2014, 2020, 2219)
  • Titanium (Ti-64, Ti-Gr2, Ti-Gr 12, Ti-6AL-4V, AMS 6931, AMS 6930, AMS 4923), Ti-Gr3, Ti-Gr4 (MIL-T-9047G, AMS4921)
  • Inconel 718

View our complete list of forging materials and inventory here.

Our forging certifications include:

  • AMS 9100D
  • AMS 2301 & AMS 2304: Aircraft Quality Steel Cleanliness, Aircraft Quality Magnetic Particle Inspection Procedure

View our entire list of forging certifications here.

Steel Industries has supplied the aerospace industry with high-quality forged parts for decades. Our products meet the critical specifications required for these parts and our engineers are experts at working with the latest alloys that this industry demands. Contact us today to find out more about how we can create a forging partnership.

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