What is Seamless Rolled Ring Forging?

The seamless rolled ring forging process plays an important role in manufacturing metal parts for machinery, wind turbines, jet engines, helicopter gearboxes and many other industries. Because of the forging process, seamless rolled rings have an added strength and fatigue resistance not found in welded rings or torch-cut rings.

Seamless Rolled Ring Forging Process

The rolled ring forging process typically starts with a circular preform of metal that has been cut to size and compressed using open-die forging. Also known as upsetting in the metal manufacturing industry, this process reduces the height of the metal preform, while increasing its diameter.

The center of the preform is then pierced to form a donut shape, which is heated, rolled and squeezed into the desired ring diameter. To achieve this, the donut is placed on the ring mill, over an idler roller, which moves under pressure toward a drive roll. The drive roll continuously rotates to reduce the wall thickness and increase the ring’s diameter, while the axial rolls control the height of the ring.

Steel Industries uses a Wagner radial/axial ring mill to yield a smooth product with concentric, tight tolerances. Seamless rolled rings can range from flat, washer-like type parts to tall cylinders with heights up to 30 inches, an outside diameter up to 166 inches, and weighing up to 12,000 lbs.

Benefits of Seamless Rolled Ring Forging

Seamless rolled ring forging reduces material cost, while allowing for greater versatility and improved quality over other metal manufacturing methods.


Because the metal is not melted to the point of liquefaction, like in casting, or compromised by seams formed in welding, it maintains a tight grain structure that offers superior strength, structural integrity and corrosion resistance. Seamless rolled rings are also able to maintain their strength under high temperature fluctuations.


Seamless rolled ring forging allows for greater size versatility and more material choices than other methods. For instance, Steel Industries specializes in a variety of forging materials, including stainless steel, aluminum, nickel-based alloys and both carbon and alloy steel rolled rings.


Using a seamless ring rolling mill is also a more cost-effective forging process than other methods because it requires less raw material, and there’s no need to remove excess corner stock or center holes, so there’s less waste. Rolled ring forging also reduces weight and machining costs.

Seamless Rolled Ring Applications

Due to their superior strength, versatility and cost-effectiveness, seamless rolled rings are used in many different industrial applications, such as for bearings, clutches, flanges, gears, connectors and valves. They are commonly used in the mining, power generation, oil & gas, aerospace and transportation industries, and seamless rolled ring forging plays an important role in manufacturing metal parts for jet engines, wind turbines, railroads and much more.

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